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· We have obtained corporate social responsibility certification [2023-08-21 HITS:0]
We have obtained corporate social responsibility certification [READ]
· we have been got the certificiate of UKCA AND AD2000 [2022-06-22 HITS:56]
we have been got the certificiate of UKCA AND AD2000 [READ]
· How to eliminate valve cavitation? [2020-09-27 HITS:122]
How to eliminate valve cavitation? Valve with the passage of time, parts degradation, valve cavitation caused by the pipeline system prone to serious damage. Most of the damage is caused by vibration and noise energy, which acc... [READ]
· Installation of quick connect [2020-09-27 HITS:109]
Quick joint note, use sealing material for external threads of control threads. During installation, the torque shall not exceed. Large torque to prevent damage. Please do not use for purposes other than quick connectors. Please... [READ]
· How to inspect the welding quality of elbow fittings [2020-09-27 HITS:200]
1. Appearance inspection of elbow fittings: generally, visual inspection is the main method. Through the appearance inspection, it is found that the weld appearance defects of welded elbow pipe fittings are detected by 5-20 times... [READ]
· Classification and general parameters of industrial valves [2020-09-27 HITS:59]
According to the different functions of opening and closing valves, there are many classification methods of valves. Here, the following several kinds are introduced. 1. Classification by function and use (1) Block valve: block... [READ]
· Polishing process of stainless steel flange [2020-09-27 HITS:78]
In the production process, the stainless steel flange surface is easy to appear some black oxide skin or stainless steel American standard flange, which is micro inequality, affecting its use value. Only the reprocessing such as... [READ]
· Notes for use of quick fluid connector [2020-09-27 HITS:49]
1. The fluid must flow from the sleeve side to the plug side. 2. Please use sealing material for external thread of control thread. 3. When installing the thread, please do not exceed the larger tightening torque to prevent... [READ]
· What are the common flange types? [2020-09-27 HITS:50]
The main types of flange are welding neck, long welding neck, lap joint, threaded and blind flange, slip sleeve, socket welding. In addition to these standard flanges, there are also some special flange, rotary flange, expansion... [READ]
· What is the main function of the valve? [2020-09-27 HITS:108]
Valve is used to open and close the pipeline, control the flow direction, adjust and control the parameters of the medium (temperature, pressure and flow). According to its function, it can be divided into shut-off valve, check... [READ]
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