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Installation of quick connect

2020-09-27 14:32:07   
Quick joint note, use sealing material for external threads of control threads. During installation, the torque shall not exceed. Large torque to prevent damage. Please do not use for purposes other than quick connectors. Please do not connect with quick fluid connections made by other companies. Do not hit, bend, stretch, prevent damage. Do not use in places such as mixed with metal powder or sand dust to prevent poor work or leakage. If the debris is attached, it may cause poor work or leakage. The brake valve must be set before the quick coupling. Do not use as hinge joints. If used for vibration and shock machines, durability will be reduced. Steel and iron quick joints should not use water and glycol series medium. Zinc coating on the surface dissolves. The use fluid is a clean fluid filtered by a filter. The "O" seal must always be in oil condition when it is used.
The gas-liquid common quick joint is mainly used for the distribution pipe of ion cooling device, wine making device, cutting oil pipe of working machine and washing machine. Through simple lever operation connection, it can transport liquid, gas, powder, etc. The main body materials, dimensions and installation shapes are rich and diverse. Caution: do not use for fluids other than applicable fluids. Do not exceed. High pressure when using. Do not use outside the temperature range to prevent wear or leakage of sealing materials. Do not remove.

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