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Polishing process of stainless steel flange

2020-09-27 14:28:45   
In the production process, the stainless steel flange surface is easy to appear some black oxide skin or stainless steel American standard flange, which is micro inequality, affecting its use value. Only the reprocessing such as mechanical polishing, chemical polishing and electrochemical polishing can improve its own value. Therefore, the following processes are recommended or permitted to obtain better results.
Chemical polishing of stainless steel flange
Chemical degreasing → washing → pickling → washing → chemical polishing → washing → electropolishing → washing → passivation → washing → drying → inspection.
The gasket of stainless steel flange is divided into soft gasket and hard gasket. In general, the cushion ring is selected for heating, gas, medium and low pressure industrial pipes. When there is no special requirement for gasket thickness, it is usually specified as: 1.6mm for pipe diameter less than 125mm, 2.4mm for stainless steel American standard flange larger than 125mm and less than 500mm, and 3.2mm for above 500mm. However, metal gasket is often used in high temperature and high pressure and chemical pipeline.

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